Where My Demons Hide

Journey to Lands Unpleasant
10 - 30 Olarune 999 YK


  • Lizardface and Killian go to Darguun with Smoke
  • Killian and Jim go to the Lhazaar principalities with Sigor
  • Anka and Vaarus stay in Sharn and are accosted by Maira

Notable events:

  • Sigor helps Lizardface understand the ways of Darguun before parting ways.
  • The Lyrandar water ship passes through Banshee’s Bay. They encounter banshees.
  • Funeral is laid down with traps.
  • Bar fight on Lhazaar!
  • Brothers.
  • Lizardface busts oout Snot and family.
  • Lord Halas and Harland ir’Belyr d’ Tarkanan save Anka, Vaarus, and Maira from the Lords of Dust.
  • Lord Tarkanan is revealed to be one and the same as Thora Tavin-Kassad. She offers Anka to take her place by her side as Anka d’Tarkanan.
  • Twin namedrop.
  • Anka refuses; Tarkanans do what they want. Halas demonstrates this by destroying the main tower of Menthis plateau.
Big Problems
09 Olarune 999 YK


She's a Dwelling Place for Demons
13 Zarantyr 999 YK


A Play on Words
23 Vult, 998 YK

Harland meets his Employees in the City of the Dead. He shows the name on the Machine – a half-orc that has been dead for two weeks. The Machine is never wrong.

The party quickly realizes that the body buried inside actually was a half-orc. Further investigation brings up that he was a notorious serial killer that was killed by the Sharn Watch. The killer made his last stand inside a Cannith warehouse.

They next investigate the warehouse, where they are able to convince the one Cannith flunky on duty that this was an exciting detective case that he can take part in. They find a Book of Shadows, which led Lizardface to realize that they had a warlock on the loose. Worse, still, was that the Mystic Arcanum in the book seemed to be a modified form of Magic Jar.

The group puts puts two and two together and realizes that the murderer transfers his soul to a li’lforged toy. Arik then contacts Paris d’Cannith and convinces them that their House’s full cooperation in the matter is in their best interests. This quickly leads them to Upper Central, where the warlock doll now attempts to use his magic jar on a child after killing her parents (who are members of the Sixty.)

Adue due Belashyrra, grant me the power I beg of you. Secoise entienne mais pois de morte. Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochete. Endonline pour de boiette Belashyrra!

A fight ensues between the Employees against the doll, its Gricks, and a troupe of men with no eyes. Their combined effort destroyed the doll and its minions, saving the young girl from further danger.

Over the Past Two Months

From the Sharn Inquisitive

Tain Gala Attacked!!
Sul, 08 Sypheros 998 YK

She calls herself Lord Halas d’Tarkanan.

With at least 30 dead among the most prominent Sharn families, the Slaughter of the Sixty will now be remembered as a dark day on the long history of this storied city.

With motivations currently unknown, all that is clear is that eyewitness accounts referred to her as an aberrant, whose skin burns through her bandages (of which she was covered head to foot) with the red marks of uncatalogued dragonmarks. (continued on p. 6)

Mourning Survivor Surfaces
Secondary Headline for Sul, 08 Sypheros 998 YK

He has been wandering the streets of Sharn as a beggar.

Artemiy Kassad, a Karnn squadron leader from the days of the Last War, has surfaced from the slums of Dura. “I do not remember entering Sharn,” says the beleaguered man to the reporters on site, “but I do remember some of the battle in Metrol.” He has no memories of the dead-grey mists that now surrounds the doomed city.

Officially dead, he was recorded to have been survived by his daughter Anka Kassad, now a junior instructor at Morgave University, and his wife Thora Tavin-Kassad, of Brelish citizenship, who is also widely known as the Chief Executor of the Boromar Export and Trading Industry, Inc.

Over mounting concerns over the ease of entry for illegal immigrants, Lord Commander Iyan ir’Talan had this to say. “The Sharn Watch remains committed to the safety of all people with legitimate …” (Continued on p. 8)

Karnn Protests Intensify
Sul, 15 Aryth 998 YK

Hundreds of Graywall residents await the fate of Lady Natsuko Hazal outside the Citadel at Central Plateau. The Blood of Vol priestess was implicated over the Barrakas attacks on the lightning rail.

Meanwhile, other citizens of Sharn conitnue to criticize the slow pace of the trials.

We caught Karnn Ambassador Syra ir’Tarrn for comments on current events in the city. “The emerald claw are terrorists,” she admits, “but they are outlaws even in the homeland. I repeat: They are terrorists. The common Karrn is not.”

She continues. “His Majesty King Kaius has tasked me to keep a close eye on the alarming increase of Karnn persecution cases in this otherwise glorious city.”

The ambassador not only refers to the trial of the Lady Hazal, but also of the calls for the now infamous Artemiy Kassad to face military trials for suspected ties to the cause of the Mourning. Artemiy is currently under the protective custody of the Embassy of Karrnath. (Continued on p. 7)

Princess Haydith to Visit Sharn
Sul, 08 Vult 998 YK

As the New Year approaches, new hope for stability comes from the crown.

His Royal Highness King Boranel has granted his ward, Princess Haydith ir’Wynarn, leave to visit the City of Towers. She is expected to take on a tour of the Upper Districts and to meet with the City Council. Most importantly, the princess has expressed her desire to visit Graywall to help assuage the belief that Brelish citizens Karrn descent are persecuted based on their ancestry. Her tour is expected to begin at the start of the year and is said to last for a week.

Haydith ir’Wynarn is the sister to King Kaius III of Karrnath and heir apparent to the Karrn throne.

(Continued on p. 7)

The Seer and the Throne
994 YK

Placeholder. Feel free to add as appropriate.

Fidgety Hands
06 Sypheros, 998 YK

Part 1. The Heist

Martin Short is named by the Machine. He works for the Kundarak Bank of House Kundarak. Together with a few other men (and a dwarf), they transport Kundarak assets from bank to bank using an armored caravan.

Arik d’Thuranni posed as the new guy hired in the caravan. Vorik, meanwhile, follows the caravan from a distance. The first leg of the journey is uneventful. Arik notices that the guards are not as alert as they can be.

Part 2. Kissing feet

Erastes Boromar arrives at the goblin warrens in Dura. He is flanked by his posse of mooks and a Deneith bodyguard. He offers forgiveness and even friendship to Lizardface, but only if he kisses Erastes’ feet in apology for the death of his son. Lizardface seemingly agrees, but one-ups the halfling and shames him, in turn. Erastes is pissed and calls for his head as he and Vaarus run.

Part 3. The Ball

Anka and Killian prepare for the ball with the help of Thora Tavin‘s seemingly limitless wardrobe. Their dresses are outrageous but classy. On of the Helais twins ends up being Anka’s forced date. Killian comes with his secretary, who has a large bag for leftovers.

Thora introduces her daughter to her employers, the patriarch and matriarch (who happens to be a former member of House Jorasco) of the clan, as well as their daughter Ilyra.

Vaarus and Lizardface arrive just as things take a turn for the worse.

A woman literally crashes into the party through the stained glass windows. Standing on a Telekinese’d piano playing Vivaldi was a woman draped in bandages. She wore a fluffy dress, what seemed to be Cannith goggles, and a hat topped by a couatl feather. Behind her were two grells.

Grell__D_D_monster_.jpgThe grells attack, and the woman activates the familiar red glow of an aberrant dragonmark as she murders members of the sixty left and right. With her mother nowehere in sight, Anka and company fight the grells and the mysterious woman.

In a desperate moment, Anka activates her own dragonmark to use Telekinesis on the chandelier. It triggers the woman’s Cannith goggles, it whirs and beeps, and then explodes. Seemingly satisfied, the woman commands the piano to leave the battle. She ignites her silver sword to fend off the desperate attacks of the would-be heroes.

Pulling Terrorist Strings

Martin Short makes his move and triggers an expensive fireball dragonshard. He attempts to escape with more shards in the possession of the caravan, but Arik stops him soundly. Vorik convinces Martin Short to sell out his employer, convincing him that he can fabricate documents to make it appear as if he was sick on this day of the attack.

They soon find out that Martin and his wife Takara were under orders from Malen Torr to steal the shards. In return, he gives them the 100 gp needed to purchase a lil’forged, Cannith’s newest toy, for their daughter Dahlia Short. Arik and Vorik then try to prevent Malen from escaping, but are stopped by a Dread Knight, a suit of armor housing a Karnnathi warrior.


Malen Torr returns to the Karrn embassy, bag of dragonshards in hand. The fireplace is in use; a mouth appears. Lord Tarkanan thanks Malen Torr for the shards.


Dahlia is ecstatic at her new toy while her parents beam with happiness over her. “Did we make you happy, child?” They ask in unison. She nods, and then says as her eyes glow, “you can sleep now, mother. Father.” They comply with no question.

Anka’s concern for her mother was unfounded, Thora says as a masseuse works on her back. She was outside when trouble began in the gala, she reassures her, and smiles genuinely through the green beauty goop covering the areas around her eyes.

Khyber Uppercut!
07 Rhaan, 998 YK


Floating eyeball: “Long ago… I, Vek’nak, unleashed an unspeakable evil upon this world! But a foolish samurai warrior, Kaz, who wielded a magic sword, stepped forth to oppose me. He cut off my eye and hand—”


Adventurer: “Wait, back up just a minute, you’re, whatsisname? Vek’nak? Not Orlasssk?”

Eyeball: “No! I am the dread wizard, Vek’nak, and I offer you unlimited power if you would only—”

Adventurer: “Nope, not the elder evil we were looking for. Sorry to disturb your slumber.”

Eyeball: “—free me from my prison and take me with you. Wait! Where are you going? I offer power! Unlimited power!”

footsteps walking away

Eyeball: “All you need to do is pluck out one of your eyeballs and put me in the socket. Please. Unlimited power! … Take me with you, please, I’ve been stuck here for a thousand years.”

sounds of a passageway being bricked up

Trouble in the Ranks
25 Barrakas, 998 YK


  • Arik and other members appear before a council of Dragonmarked House representatives. The Houses reject the return of House Tarkanan.
  • On the way home via the Lightning Rail, an Iron Cobra appears before Arik and spits out a name. He saves Mariano d’Sivis from two Boromar thugs, and then promptly stuff him in a briefcase when he proved too noisy.
    Anka is accosted by her mother, Thora Tavin, so that she does something with her life. You know, like her, who gets money by working for the Boromars. Her piano instructor asks her to get the group together as a name demands their full attention.
  • Lizardface gets introduced to the chuul-slayer, Vaarus, while out on break with his new hobgoblin “buddies.”
  • The Employees gather at Tavick’s Landing. As Arik’s train arrives, Emerald Claw terrorists begin lobbing alchemist’s fire flasks to the public.
  • They clear out the terrorists with the help of the Black Arch Garrison led by Commander Iyanna ir’Talan. They are invited to the Sharn Watch station, but the group declines.
  • The Employees realize that the name given to Anka is Iyanna’s. They decide to go to the station, after all, while Arik deposits his gnome-in-a-bag in a Thuranni safehouse.
  • The Black Arch garrison proves to be a place where the Sharn Watch actually do their jobs.
  • Iyanna thanks them for their help with the @
In Kind
04 Barrakas, 998 YK

WiP, though I probably won’t be able to work on this for awhile. If anyone wants to take over, go ahead!

The rains of Summer has stopped, and as the leaves began to fall elsewhere on Khorvaire, the Sharn Watch of Central Plateau held a press conference. Belew Yorgan introduced the cantrip wands that House Cannith has donated to the Watch. A smiling, dead-jokes goodwill liaison Paris represents the House, and he publicly presents the first wand, a wand of Firebolt, to Killian. Harland, who was also at the event, asks Killian to round up the Employees as the Machine spat out something that had him stumped.

Elsewhere, Dul’Radzak attended a meeting of druids discussing the annual festival known as The Hunt, which is held in honor of the Sovereign god Balinor. Some druids believed that the Hunt is a needless slaughter of a creature, while others see it as the perfect expression of nature’s will. Before he can contemplate his stand, (Killian’s goblin) called his attention so he excused himself.

When the group assembled at The Library, Harland showed them what the Machine provided. It was the number T – XVII – 47. Using their own resources, both Lizardface and Arik d’Thuranni independently found out that it’s a warforged serial number. As many warforged are found in the Cogs, they decide that it would be best to begin searching there.

I am Not a Lobster

Of the myriad ways to get to the Cogs, Killian was the only one to go through Tavick’s Landing. There, he witnessed the unveling of the creature to be hunted for this year’s Hunt: A giant lobster culled from Cliffside. The organizers believed that a giant lobster would be challenging but not especially lethal to anyonw who would decide to join.

The problem was, it wasn’t a giant lobster after all.

As soon as the creature was released from its cage, tentacles shot out from its mouth, wrapping one of the handlers necks with it. The handler screamed and kicked, then whimpered and twitched, and was finally still. As its eyes rolled back in a death-stare, the dying man’s mouth moved, and through it, the creature declared that it was “not a lobster.” It was not to be interrupted from its glorious work, it said, and those who do otherwise will be killed in more painful ways.

The creature then released the man from its grasp, falling lifeless onto the ground. It then crawled towards the cogs.

Killian, being the responsible Sharn Watch member that he is, did the heroic thing. He called for backup.

Bullet points!

  • Lizardface applies as a whipper to Snot’s employers.
  • Malen Torr reveals Karnath’s interest in the warforged bearing the serial number to Vorik.
  • carrion crawler.
  • Marla, the leader of the warforged, is revealed to bear the serial number they are searching for.
  • Daask enters a bounty for Marla. Two Phiarlan elves abduct her.
  • One elf is captured, leading the party to a Daask enclave to rescue the kidnapped Marla.
  • Lizardface pretends to capture Killian and presents him to Daask.
  • The Daask “leader” is unmasked as a Tarkanan operative.
  • Fighting!
  • Dul’Radzak is killed by the Tarkanan githyanki.

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