Where My Demons Hide

A Play on Words

23 Vult, 998 YK

Harland meets his Employees in the City of the Dead. He shows the name on the Machine – a half-orc that has been dead for two weeks. The Machine is never wrong.

The party quickly realizes that the body buried inside actually was a half-orc. Further investigation brings up that he was a notorious serial killer that was killed by the Sharn Watch. The killer made his last stand inside a Cannith warehouse.

They next investigate the warehouse, where they are able to convince the one Cannith flunky on duty that this was an exciting detective case that he can take part in. They find a Book of Shadows, which led Lizardface to realize that they had a warlock on the loose. Worse, still, was that the Mystic Arcanum in the book seemed to be a modified form of Magic Jar.

The group puts puts two and two together and realizes that the murderer transfers his soul to a li’lforged toy. Arik then contacts Paris d’Cannith and convinces them that their House’s full cooperation in the matter is in their best interests. This quickly leads them to Upper Central, where the warlock doll now attempts to use his magic jar on a child after killing her parents (who are members of the Sixty.)

Adue due Belashyrra, grant me the power I beg of you. Secoise entienne mais pois de morte. Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochete. Endonline pour de boiette Belashyrra!

A fight ensues between the Employees against the doll, its Gricks, and a troupe of men with no eyes. Their combined effort destroyed the doll and its minions, saving the young girl from further danger.



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