Where My Demons Hide


Over the Past Two Months

From the Sharn Inquisitive

Tain Gala Attacked!!
Sul, 08 Sypheros 998 YK

She calls herself Lord Halas d’Tarkanan.

With at least 30 dead among the most prominent Sharn families, the Slaughter of the Sixty will now be remembered as a dark day on the long history of this storied city.

With motivations currently unknown, all that is clear is that eyewitness accounts referred to her as an aberrant, whose skin burns through her bandages (of which she was covered head to foot) with the red marks of uncatalogued dragonmarks. (continued on p. 6)

Mourning Survivor Surfaces
Secondary Headline for Sul, 08 Sypheros 998 YK

He has been wandering the streets of Sharn as a beggar.

Artemiy Kassad, a Karnn squadron leader from the days of the Last War, has surfaced from the slums of Dura. “I do not remember entering Sharn,” says the beleaguered man to the reporters on site, “but I do remember some of the battle in Metrol.” He has no memories of the dead-grey mists that now surrounds the doomed city.

Officially dead, he was recorded to have been survived by his daughter Anka Kassad, now a junior instructor at Morgave University, and his wife Thora Tavin-Kassad, of Brelish citizenship, who is also widely known as the Chief Executor of the Boromar Export and Trading Industry, Inc.

Over mounting concerns over the ease of entry for illegal immigrants, Lord Commander Iyan ir’Talan had this to say. “The Sharn Watch remains committed to the safety of all people with legitimate …” (Continued on p. 8)

Karnn Protests Intensify
Sul, 15 Aryth 998 YK

Hundreds of Graywall residents await the fate of Lady Natsuko Hazal outside the Citadel at Central Plateau. The Blood of Vol priestess was implicated over the Barrakas attacks on the lightning rail.

Meanwhile, other citizens of Sharn conitnue to criticize the slow pace of the trials.

We caught Karnn Ambassador Syra ir’Tarrn for comments on current events in the city. “The emerald claw are terrorists,” she admits, “but they are outlaws even in the homeland. I repeat: They are terrorists. The common Karrn is not.”

She continues. “His Majesty King Kaius has tasked me to keep a close eye on the alarming increase of Karnn persecution cases in this otherwise glorious city.”

The ambassador not only refers to the trial of the Lady Hazal, but also of the calls for the now infamous Artemiy Kassad to face military trials for suspected ties to the cause of the Mourning. Artemiy is currently under the protective custody of the Embassy of Karrnath. (Continued on p. 7)

Princess Haydith to Visit Sharn
Sul, 08 Vult 998 YK

As the New Year approaches, new hope for stability comes from the crown.

His Royal Highness King Boranel has granted his ward, Princess Haydith ir’Wynarn, leave to visit the City of Towers. She is expected to take on a tour of the Upper Districts and to meet with the City Council. Most importantly, the princess has expressed her desire to visit Graywall to help assuage the belief that Brelish citizens Karrn descent are persecuted based on their ancestry. Her tour is expected to begin at the start of the year and is said to last for a week.

Haydith ir’Wynarn is the sister to King Kaius III of Karrnath and heir apparent to the Karrn throne.

(Continued on p. 7)



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