Where My Demons Hide

Khyber Uppercut!

07 Rhaan, 998 YK


Floating eyeball: “Long ago… I, Vek’nak, unleashed an unspeakable evil upon this world! But a foolish samurai warrior, Kaz, who wielded a magic sword, stepped forth to oppose me. He cut off my eye and hand—”


Adventurer: “Wait, back up just a minute, you’re, whatsisname? Vek’nak? Not Orlasssk?”

Eyeball: “No! I am the dread wizard, Vek’nak, and I offer you unlimited power if you would only—”

Adventurer: “Nope, not the elder evil we were looking for. Sorry to disturb your slumber.”

Eyeball: “—free me from my prison and take me with you. Wait! Where are you going? I offer power! Unlimited power!”

footsteps walking away

Eyeball: “All you need to do is pluck out one of your eyeballs and put me in the socket. Please. Unlimited power! … Take me with you, please, I’ve been stuck here for a thousand years.”

sounds of a passageway being bricked up



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