Where My Demons Hide

Trouble in the Ranks

25 Barrakas, 998 YK


  • Arik and other members appear before a council of Dragonmarked House representatives. The Houses reject the return of House Tarkanan.
  • On the way home via the Lightning Rail, an Iron Cobra appears before Arik and spits out a name. He saves Mariano d’Sivis from two Boromar thugs, and then promptly stuff him in a briefcase when he proved too noisy.
    Anka is accosted by her mother, Thora Tavin, so that she does something with her life. You know, like her, who gets money by working for the Boromars. Her piano instructor asks her to get the group together as a name demands their full attention.
  • Lizardface gets introduced to the chuul-slayer, Vaarus, while out on break with his new hobgoblin “buddies.”
  • The Employees gather at Tavick’s Landing. As Arik’s train arrives, Emerald Claw terrorists begin lobbing alchemist’s fire flasks to the public.
  • They clear out the terrorists with the help of the Black Arch Garrison led by Commander Iyanna ir’Talan. They are invited to the Sharn Watch station, but the group declines.
  • The Employees realize that the name given to Anka is Iyanna’s. They decide to go to the station, after all, while Arik deposits his gnome-in-a-bag in a Thuranni safehouse.
  • The Black Arch garrison proves to be a place where the Sharn Watch actually do their jobs.
  • Iyanna thanks them for their help with the @



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