Alais and Helais ir'Lantar

Party boys and halfhearted suitors


The ir’Lantars are the Aundairian ambassadors in Sharn. Alais is in charge of the boring, administrative work, while matters of social diplomacy are handled by Helais.

In either case, who cares? The twins seem to be more interested in partying than they are with performing their duties to their nation. But make no mistake, they have been handpicked by Queen Aurala ir’Wynarn herself to represent Aundairian interests in Sharn, and they are very good at their job. That they happen to be genius, millionaire, playboy philanthropists is purely coincidental.

Recent Events

  • At her mother’s urging, Anka took one of the twins as her escort to the Tain Gala (where the Slaughter of the Sixty happened. Anka can’t remember which twin that was, and doesn’t really care.
  • The rakshasa Zathara is known to use at least one of the brothers as an identity. It is unclear if Nethatar uses the other identity or if a real person exists somewhere in the mix.

Alais and Helais ir'Lantar

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