Iyanna ir'Talan

Black Arch Garrison commander of the Sharn Watch


Whilst the ir’Talans are one of the Sixty families of Sharn, Iyanna’s family has always been tasked with keeping the common man safe. As one the commanders of the Sharn Watch detail in Tavick’s Landing, Iyanna takes this role seriously.

She is currently in her early thirties, and she is beginning to show the signs of stress from such ademanding job.


Iyanna is the daughter of the Sharn Watch Lord Commander, Iyan ir’Talan. It was likely that she was chosen to lead Black Arch due to this pedigree, but many did not expect her to be such an effective leader.

Image from the D&D 5E Player’s Handbook. Used for nonprofit.

Iyanna ir'Talan

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