Mirian d'Thuranni

Proprietor of The Painted Beast and Thuranni spymaster.


(per DM approval)

Mirian d’Thuranni runs a successful art supplies store, The Painted Beast, which caters to the wealthy university and museum crowd situated in the Menthis Plateau. The Beast stocks a wide variety of paints, pigments, oils, thinners, tools and supplies of the highest quality, many with the mark of Thuranni’s famous True Shaper’s Guild. The Beast’s location, just close enough to the lower levels to look rakishly seedy while still high enough to be fairly safe and accessible make it a favorite gathering point of students, professors, archaeologists and artists, and nearby taverns and businesses make a healthy profit from the traffic.

Mirian runs The Painted Beast with a deft touch, always ready with a smile, a kind word, and an apt recommendation to her customers, and she ensures her staff are just as skilled and helpful. Under her management, The Painted Beast has become a valuable hub in Thuranni’s Shadow Network. Her agents, both dragonmarked and house allies, keep close tabs on the gossip and scandal circulating among Sharn’s literati, most especially among the great universities such as Morgrave, while Thuranni agents looking for more practical resources are frequently surprised at the less well known uses of certain powders, unguents, oils, thinners, and tools that The Painted Beast stocks.


Mirian d'Thuranni

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