Tag: Karrn


  • Greywall

    The culture of Karrnath existed long before the Last War, and in Sharn it found a home in the Graywall district. As Sharn grew and became an important center for trade and commerce in the kingdom of Galifar, and as Karrn merchants and crafters settled in …

  • Takara Short

    Takara is of Karn blood. She is part of the Karnns that live in Graywall, where she now resides with her Brelish husband and daughter.

  • Dahlia Short

    Dahlia is the daughter of [[:martin-short | Martin]] and [[:takara-short | Takara]]. h6. Image not mine, taken from http://www.aliexpress.com/price/school-uniform-kids_price.html without permission. If you own this image and would like us to remove it, …

  • Lady Hazal

    Natsuko, the current Lady of House Hazal, is the daughter of the aging Lord Lan Hazal (whose wife recently passed away.) She has begun to take on many roles in the Church that have traditionally been held by her father, but she still defers to the elder …