Campaign Aspects

  • The Machine gives us names
  • There is always a fall
  • NEW! The Karrn Embassy is controlled by the Lords of Dust

Anka Kassad

  • Agent of Chaos
  • Dysfunctional Family Ties
  • Awakened an Aberration
  • Fiercely Unbound

Arik d’Thuranni

  • Half-Paelion, half-Thuranni Dragonmarked Assassin
  • no patience for prolonged bullshit
  • owes the machine [his] life
  • [He] wants to discover everything [he] can from the Machine.
  • MOdest lifestyle
  • Arik manipulated Garm into stealing the book of manners from the Aundairan nobleman


  • Justice for the innocent
  • [He] secretly believe[s] in happy endings
  • First recruited by Harland
  • Anka is the thief in the case I can’t solve
  • Member of the Sharn City Watch


  • If [He] can save them, [he] will (Replaced original high concept)
  • [He] is infamous in Lower Sharn (?) (Replaced previous trouble aspect)
  • [He] was tricked into the service of Orlassssk
  • [He] cannot help not taking things seriously


  • Hunter of the unnatural
  • Jumps to conclusions quickly
  • Prefers to provide support from the sidelines
  • Lifestyle: Poor

Vorik dead

  • Opposed to the methods of the Order of the Emerald Claw
  • Loyal to the Karnathi warlord
  • Hired Lizardface to assist in failed assassination attempt
  • Does not like socializing
  • Modest lifestyle
  • Posed as a colleague to Sithov in an Aundarian college.

Dul’Radzak dead

  • Compromise[s] regarding people’s opinions.
  • Kleptomaniac tendencies
  • Knows more about insects than anybody else.


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