Factions, Organizations

Criminal and Terrorist Organizations

  • The Boromar Clan – (halfling) Boromar roots in Sharn run as deep as the Cogs; their smuggling operations have run for generations, they have members in high society (they are even considered to be one of the Sixty families), and anyone who has chosen to fight the clan have thus far failed. The Boromars sit in nigh omnipotence, but recently, that has been challenged by Daask.
  • Daask – (monstrous races) Composed of immigrants (and Sharn-born descendants) from Droaam, Daask specializes in crimes of a more physical nature. In contrast to the Boromars, Daask is a fluid, mobile organization. Stamping them out is difficult for a group that represents the status quo (such as the Boromars.) They are also the sole distributor of the drug known only as dragon’s blood.
  • The Emerald Claw – an extremist faction of the Blood of Vol, these terrorists seek to cause chaos in the hopes of reigniting the Last War. King Kaius III of Karrnath has branded them as outlaws; however they still have enough Karrnthi and Vol sympathizers.

Dragonmarked Houses

  • House Cannith – (human) innovation, invention
    Dragonmark: Mark of Making
  • House Kundarak – (dwarf) commerce, security
    Dragonmark: Mark of Warding
  • House Phiarlan – (elf) carnivale, entertainment
    Dragonmark: Mark of Shadow
  • House Thuranni – (elf) entertainment, espionage
    Dragonmark: Mark of Shadow
  • House Sivis – (gnome) accounting, communication, laws
    Dragonmark: Mark of Scribing


  • Breland – Sharn is a Brelish city, and as such it is governed by Brelish law.
  • Karnath – The militaristic nation of Karrnath has an embassy in Sharn. Its current king, Kaius III, is known for being one of the pillarstones for peace following the Mourning.
  • Thrane – The theocracy of Thrane sometimes makes their presence known via pilgrimages to some of Sharn’s holy sites. Recently they’ve come into conflict with the Lycanthropes as well as the Emerald Claw religious extremists.

Other Groups

  • House Tarkanan – Part dragonmarked, part criminal organization, House Tarkanan has seemingly been resurrected from the ashes of the War of the Mark, when the other Houses banded together to destroy them. Worse still, they seem to be led by the same man from that conflict millenia before – one Lord Halas Tarkanan. To those who know how to contact them, House Tarkanan specializes in assassination and the simpler case of manslaughter.
    Dragonmark: various aberrant marks.
  • The Sixty – There are hundreds of powerful noble families in Sharn, but a number of them are cut above the rest. These families are known as the Sixty. Twenty-five of the twenty-seven Brelish noble families are members of the Sixty, as well.
    Known families:
    Boromar – the halfling crime family has been in Sharn for generations. These days, it is difficult to ascertain which portions of their wealth are hereditary and which are ill-gotten.
    ir’BelyrHarland is the only surviving member. Crippled and scarred as he is, he is nonetheless sought after by young and ambitious lesser noblewomen. He’s old, after all – how much longer will he live after getting married?
    ir’Talan – The ir’Talans are synonymous with the Sharn Watch, and for generations they were considered to be the every man’s noble. These days, however, you are only an everyman if you have coin.

Factions, Organizations

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