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Factions, Organizations

A page that takes a quick look at various groups that have so far impacted the story.


Campaign No-No’s – a meta post about our discussion on topics that should not be touched upon.




Goblinoids – Quick and dirty traits for goblinoid PCs.
Kalashtar – The dual-souled of Sarlona finally gets a writeup.
Warforged – Keith Baker has a pretty functional basic warforged. We’ll be using in case someone finds himself in the position of wanting to build a warforged PC.

Other Houserules

Custom Spells
Dragonmarks – WiP!
DM Boons are in-game boons that the DM will provide for out-of-play extraneous stuff.
Passive Perception

Notable Locations

The Abandoned LibraryHarland ir’Belyr‘s base of operations.
Greywall – Karrn district found in Middle Tavick’s Landing.
Morgrave University – A second-rate center of learning more concerned with archaeological profits than they are with actual academics.
Shamukaar – tavern in Khyber’s Gate.

Main Page

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