Passive Perception

We do not have Passive Perception. Regardless of your proficiency in the perception skill or whether you have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks, we will be using your character’s Wisdom Score whenever the rules call for it.

If you have the Observant feat, your Wisdom score for the purpose of noticing things that are not otherwise obvious is equal to your actual Wisdom score plus 5.


  • I want to put a focus on the character’s ability scores.
  • Removing Passive Perception (and other Passive scores) reduce the amount of static numbers that we all need to remember.
  • I want to emphasize that for our in-game reality, proficiency in a skill translates to getting better chances when your character actively tries. On the other hand, when subconsciously interacting with the game world, this is the purview of the raw scores and/or save proficiencies.

Passive Perception

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