In the City of Towers, a thousand secrets whisper in the night, and a thousand tales unfold before the moons reach their zenith… – Sharn: City of Towers

People battle their own demons as they live their tales. A woman resists the urge to have her husband killed so that she may be reunited with her true love. A man faces the wrath of the Boromars; it’s either kill or be killed. A boy struggles; he’s never killed vefpre, but he is so hungry, and the woman looks like she’s about to scream.

Some of these tales are told, but many are lost in the city of knives and its sea of people.

Somewhere in the labyrinth of towers, a half-elf builds a Machine. The Machine watches all these stories, and it allows a select few to interfere.

You are the select few.

Where My Demons Hide

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