Where My Demons Hide

In Kind

04 Barrakas, 998 YK

WiP, though I probably won’t be able to work on this for awhile. If anyone wants to take over, go ahead!

The rains of Summer has stopped, and as the leaves began to fall elsewhere on Khorvaire, the Sharn Watch of Central Plateau held a press conference. Belew Yorgan introduced the cantrip wands that House Cannith has donated to the Watch. A smiling, dead-jokes goodwill liaison Paris represents the House, and he publicly presents the first wand, a wand of Firebolt, to Killian. Harland, who was also at the event, asks Killian to round up the Employees as the Machine spat out something that had him stumped.

Elsewhere, Dul’Radzak attended a meeting of druids discussing the annual festival known as The Hunt, which is held in honor of the Sovereign god Balinor. Some druids believed that the Hunt is a needless slaughter of a creature, while others see it as the perfect expression of nature’s will. Before he can contemplate his stand, (Killian’s goblin) called his attention so he excused himself.

When the group assembled at The Library, Harland showed them what the Machine provided. It was the number T – XVII – 47. Using their own resources, both Lizardface and Arik d’Thuranni independently found out that it’s a warforged serial number. As many warforged are found in the Cogs, they decide that it would be best to begin searching there.

I am Not a Lobster

Of the myriad ways to get to the Cogs, Killian was the only one to go through Tavick’s Landing. There, he witnessed the unveling of the creature to be hunted for this year’s Hunt: A giant lobster culled from Cliffside. The organizers believed that a giant lobster would be challenging but not especially lethal to anyonw who would decide to join.

The problem was, it wasn’t a giant lobster after all.

As soon as the creature was released from its cage, tentacles shot out from its mouth, wrapping one of the handlers necks with it. The handler screamed and kicked, then whimpered and twitched, and was finally still. As its eyes rolled back in a death-stare, the dying man’s mouth moved, and through it, the creature declared that it was “not a lobster.” It was not to be interrupted from its glorious work, it said, and those who do otherwise will be killed in more painful ways.

The creature then released the man from its grasp, falling lifeless onto the ground. It then crawled towards the cogs.

Killian, being the responsible Sharn Watch member that he is, did the heroic thing. He called for backup.

Bullet points!

  • Lizardface applies as a whipper to Snot’s employers.
  • Malen Torr reveals Karnath’s interest in the warforged bearing the serial number to Vorik.
  • carrion crawler.
  • Marla, the leader of the warforged, is revealed to bear the serial number they are searching for.
  • Daask enters a bounty for Marla. Two Phiarlan elves abduct her.
  • One elf is captured, leading the party to a Daask enclave to rescue the kidnapped Marla.
  • Lizardface pretends to capture Killian and presents him to Daask.
  • The Daask “leader” is unmasked as a Tarkanan operative.
  • Fighting!
  • Dul’Radzak is killed by the Tarkanan githyanki.



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