Where My Demons Hide

Journey to Lands Unpleasant

10 - 30 Olarune 999 YK


  • Lizardface and Killian go to Darguun with Smoke
  • Killian and Jim go to the Lhazaar principalities with Sigor
  • Anka and Vaarus stay in Sharn and are accosted by Maira

Notable events:

  • Sigor helps Lizardface understand the ways of Darguun before parting ways.
  • The Lyrandar water ship passes through Banshee’s Bay. They encounter banshees.
  • Funeral is laid down with traps.
  • Bar fight on Lhazaar!
  • Brothers.
  • Lizardface busts oout Snot and family.
  • Lord Halas and Harland ir’Belyr d’ Tarkanan save Anka, Vaarus, and Maira from the Lords of Dust.
  • Lord Tarkanan is revealed to be one and the same as Thora Tavin-Kassad. She offers Anka to take her place by her side as Anka d’Tarkanan.
  • Twin namedrop.
  • Anka refuses; Tarkanans do what they want. Halas demonstrates this by destroying the main tower of Menthis plateau.



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