Lord Halas d'Tarkanan

Slaughterer of the Sixty, Demolisher of Menthis


Covered with bandages on her head and exposed hands, wearing what seems to be specialized Cannith goggles, she waltzes around in her fine gown as she kills people left and right. When she uses her stronger spells, the red glow of her aberrant dragonmark pierces through her bandages. You also think she can play the piano.


The mysterious Lord Tarkanan takes her moniker from the historical Lord of the fallen house, but clearly she is not him reborn, as was initially thought.

Or is she?

Recent events.

  • The destruction of Menthis Tower was a significant magic even for her aberrant mark. It has punished her severely, and she is now covered from head to foot with burnt aberrant scars. The mask peels away, and the true Tarkanan rises to the surface.

Lord Halas d'Tarkanan

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